It is all too common that we put off arranging our personal protection and health insurance until it’s too late. It isn’t pleasant to think about, but it is nonetheless essential. Surprisingly people can put more effort into insuring the family pet than themselves.
Have you ever considered how you and your family would cope financially if you were to suffer a serious illness, how do you pay the bills and keep the roof over their heads during this stressful time.

We have all suffered the death of a loved one but as we get older the financial impact of this can be far greater felt than before.

At PTC, we consider all options and have policies to suit all needs and financial situations to help protect

  • Your mortgage and debts
  • Your family
  • Your Income
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your estate
  • These are the core financial issues that must be considered when thinking about securing you and your family’s financial future in the event of unexpected illness or death.
    We can assist in insuring that not only will you have the correct protection policies in place for the correct period of time but also at a budget that suits your finances.

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